Our goal is to help e-commerce entrepreneurs discover their true potential and reach for the stars.

We can offer you the support and tools to achieve your e-commerce business goals on a global scale.

Our Story

The Global Expanders project was born from AVASK Accounting & Business Consultants to provide e-commerce sellers with a comprehensive set of resources to grow their online businesses.

AVASK is a global accounting firm specialising in international tax, business expansion and growth, and e-commerce. The company has been working with Amazon and other e-commerce platforms for over six years, helping 10,000+ e-commerce entrepreneurs expand successfully into and beyond Europe. Read what our clients say about us.

Our experience in the online retail and international taxation industries allows us to understand the challenges experienced by sellers when expanding online. Throughout the years, we have developed our services to provide entrepreneurs around the world with world-leading support built on their business’ needs.

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